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    Vote in the Village Voice Web Awards poll. You can vote for yourself! We won’t tell. Last year we gave the lifetime achievement award to cats, so, you know, anything goes. 

    Everybody go enter yourself for “Best Personal Tumblr!”

    [Vote here]

    Vote for Flavorpill for Best Professional Blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc! We’ll give you a kitten!

    Vote us for all the things and we’ll give you all the doughnuts in the world!


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    SweetD!!! You will love this.
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    Nerds, now is your time to unite and vote us for best professional tumblr, best start-up, best design, et al. Just vote...
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    If you vote for me, I’ll make a nude painting of you but never let you see it because it’ll be that beautiful.
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    I don’t know. That didn’t work out too well on The Simpsons….
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    Something something something…Emotions with Jon Hamm
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    collegehumor looks like disneyworld. I wish I was funny or at least like a marketing major so I could intern for them…....