1. So much above, click click, but also here’s the outtakes I just couldn’t work into the piece:

    On Adaptations He’d Want To Do For Film:

    You know what I wanted to adapt so bad and I was so sad when It got snachted up?  Candyland.  I wanted to adapt Candyland so bad!  For an adaptation it has to be really fun.  Little Leftover Witch, which I adapted for Disney, was so fun.  I don’t think I could ever adapt something like Art of War.

    On Who He Wants To Work With:

    Tim Burton, for sure. I feel like I’m a living, breathing Tim Burton character.  So I’m just waiting for that phone call. 

    On What Song Was Banned At The SBL Afterparty:

    Last night at the afterparty I specifically banned Single Ladies because I didn’t want to do it.  Because when they play it, I have do it!

    On The Town Of Clover:

    I grew up in Clovis, and I will say I rat on it all the time, but it really is a nice town.  There’s certain things that could be changed, there’s a lot of conservative mindsets can be altered, but overall it’s a nice place to live.  But I feel like as a teenager there’s never a nice place to live, you’re like ‘I don’t want to be here, I want to be there.’ For Clover I wanted to show a town that was understandably why you wanted to get out of it.  That way the character who have no aspiration to get out of it, it’s like, ‘what’s wrong with you?’  Even if you’re happy living your simple life, why do it here?

    On If Carson Has An Internet Life:

    I think he definitely checks stocks for no reason, and he checks the New Yorker blogs and all that.  He had a computer and a watch, that’s kind of all the technology he has.  The story follows him and his mom, and I think it relates to both kids and adults on similar paths, and I think a lot of older audiences would probably not identify with the whole blog situation, and I didn’t want anyone to have any confusion.  Like, “I blogged it, I tweeted it —” well what are you doing?  What’s the difference between any of those?

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